Barefeet’s Product Pipeline*

Rapid Screening to Detect Chemical Residues

Simplified chemical substance characterization for regulatory needs

Food and Produce Safety Analysis - Pesticides, antibiotics, additives and contaminants

Quality Assurance Solutions for Ingredients, Raw Materials and Products

*Please contact for more details and information

Mass Spectrometry Services and Contract R&D#

Melamine analysis from milk

Triazine herbicide analysis from water

Mass spectrometry characterization of pigments, dyes and insoluble substances

Impurity profiling using HPLC and LC-MS

LC-MS and MALDI MS method development

Accurate mass determination (HRMS) of synthetic molecules, peptides and proteins

Peptide mass fingerprinting and protein sequencing using LC-MS/MS

Metabolite identification, metabolomic profiling (LC-MS) and screening

Enzyme activity analyis (diastase analysis in honey)

Material characterization: Elemental analysis, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermo-gravimetric analysis (TGA), particle size analysis (PSA), UV-Vis and FT-IR

#Current services offered; Some of the above are available using Barefeet's proprietary high throughput analysis protocols; we are happy to customize other analysis processes and methods similar to the above - please contact for more details 

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