Reliable, fast and accessible analysis for produce and food products

Ensuring safety and authenticity in food supply chains is a priority for the global food industry. However, food industry continues to witness numerous instances of insufficient quality, safety violations and fraud jeopardizing public health and causing severe economic duress.

State-of-the-art’ mass spectrometry (MS) has emerged as an important food analysis tool accepted by international regulatory agencies owing to its sensitivity, selectivity and versatility. Maximum permissible levels (MRLs) of various residues in food are routinely bench marked and implemented using MS-based platforms and operating protocols. Most banned and regulated chemicals, contaminants and antibiotics can be detected within low parts per million or billion level (ppm or ppb) using MS. It is also a method of choice to detect authenticity markers and prevent food fraud.  

Picture credit: 'Rangoli' art on mosaic floor by Dr. Ajeet Singh

Barefeet Analytics has setup a dedicated wet lab, infrastructure and internal quality mechanisms (on path towards ISO 17025) for developing validated innovative mass spectrometry methods for wider market reach and impact.