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Barefeet's story

In 2008, there was a scare of melamine contamination in milk products from China. VP’s group at NCL, Pune was developing analysis methods for processing large numbers of samples in a short duration. These were immediately put to use and a method to rapidly and reliably detect melamine from milk was published. Over the course of the next few years, an entire analytical toolkit for pesticide and food contaminant analysis was developed. In 2014, Barefeet  Analytics was created to commercialize these methods.

Our work
Our expertise is in the broad areas of trace
analysis from food, produce, biofluids and pharmaceuticals. The team members have a strong track record in the research and development using high resolution and quantitative mass
spectrometry for various applications. We 
provide complete and customized solutions for clients' needs.
Partner with us
We are always looking for highly motivated
people from across the globe with similar or complimentary interests. We especially welcome strategic partnerships aligned with our business goals in the broad areas of analysis.

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