Barefeet Analytics is a scientific R&D startup located in Pune, India. We are creating innovative and cost-efficient analysis solutions to impact a billion plus population and reach global markets. Our process-intensive mass spectrometry approaches are 'state-of-the-art' and aim to ensure safety, quality, reliability and authenticity across food, produce, beverage, herbal and nutraceutical supply chains. 

Our expertise is in the broad areas of trace analysis from food, produce, biofluids and pharmaceuticals. The team members have a strong track record in research and development using high resolution and quantitative mass spectrometry for various applications. Our laboratory at the NCL Innovation Park adheres to Industry best practices for analytical testing facilities and has access to sophisticated instrumentation including high resolution mass spectrometers. We provide complete and customized R&D solutions for our clients' needs.

Barefeet Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
100, NCL Innovation Park, Dr. Homi Bhabha Rd., Pune India 411008
Phone:+91 (915) 841 5847; E-mail address: info@barefeet.co.in